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Map of San Jose Province

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Province of San José

Map of the Province of
San Jose Costa Rica
San Jose Province Road Map Costa Rica

Reference Map of
San Jose Province Costa Rica

The Province of San Jose is comprised of 20 Counties (or Cantones). The sprawling metropolitan area of the nation's capital city covers most of the northern portion of the Province, and several counties in both Heredia and Alajuela Provinces. You can find more information about the City of San Jose at:

The remainder of San Jose Province is the rural cloud and rain forests that Costa Rica is famous for. The Province extends south from San Jose City into the Talamanca Mountain Range, where you will find the nation's second largest city, San Isidro de El General.

Most of the Province of San Jose is covered by the Central Volcanic Conservation Area (ACCVC), and many of the nation's National Parks are within a short drive of the city.

The highway system in the capital city of San Jose is comprised of modern multi-lane freeways that look very much like freeways in other large cities around the world.

The rules of the road are similar, but you may find driving etiquette to be somewhat different. For instance, merging and changing lanes are often accompanied by a quick honk on the horn. This is not considered rude - it is like a friendly wave, saying "Yoo-Hoo, I'm Here!"

Reference Map showing San Jose Province and the political boundaries of its 20 Counties

1. San Jose; 2. Escazu; 3. Desamparados; 4. Puriscal; 5. Tarrazu; 6. Aserri; 7. Mora; 8. Goicoechea;
9. Santa Ana; 10. Alajuelita; 11. Vasquez de coronado; 12. Acosta; 13. Tibas; 14. Moravia;
15. Montes de Oca; 16. Turrubares; 17. Dota; 18. Curridabat; 19. Perez Zeledon; 20. Leon Cortes Castro