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Driving Hazards and Warning Signals

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Road Hazards & Warning Signs

Car rental and driving through the beautiful countryside in Costa Rica is the best way to experience vacation travel in the country, but even if you rent a 4WD car, you may run into problems on the rural country roads.

On the road to your vacation travel destination or hotel, stay alert and look for Tico warning signals on the road. These are not orange cones, flags or flares or anything that might be obvious !

Ticos use the materials at hand to fashion their road warning signals, which can be subtle to the untrained foreigner's eyes. Driving hazards in Costa Rica can be something as simple as a large pothole to a completely washed out bridge over a raging river.

If you see a log across the road, or a pair of crossed sticks standing up in the road, slow down or stop ! Proceed with extreme caution.

Costa Rica receives a large amount of rainfall each year. Even paved highways can develop extensive potholes. Also populating most roadways (paved or dirt) are pedestrians, bicycles, wild animals and farm animals.

If you are unfamiliar with the road conditions, don't drive at night. Many parts of the country also experience intense fog in the afternoons. Stay alert during the day and drive slowly and carefully.  Take it easy and have a safe vacation in Costa Rica.

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