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Before your vacation, reserve a rental car and have your hotel send driving directions in both English and Spanish.

Road Signs in Costa Rica

While on vacation in Costa Rica, you will often see road signs, such as Stop signs, Danger, Curvy Roads, etc. Most rural bridges are only one-lane wide, so Yield signs are common. These signs are in Spanish.

Pay Attention ! These road signs appear very similar to traditional international symbols, so even if you can't read them labeled in Spanish, the meaning of the sign is very clear. These are the important signs to watch. Take heed and drive carefully.

ALTO means stop and CEDA means yield

Stop Sign Costa Rica   Yield Sign Costa Rica

Vacation in Costa Rica - Rent a 4WD Car

Major highways will often have a few road signs with arrows, town names, and distances in kilometers. Don't depend too much on these signs, as experience has shown that they are often not accurate.

Whenever you are in a small town and can't figure out which road takes you to the next small town destination on your vacation trip, just stop and ask the locals "Donde es ?" which means "Where is ?".

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